textiles . photography . drawing . film . creative writing

Sonja Zelic is an artist who makes work that responds to people, place and circumstance; she initiates, develops and delivers projects that explore and seek to engender relationships between people and between people and place. She has worked in collaboration with dance artists, musicians/composers and writers, and with partners such as schools, residential homes, special schools, youth clubs, museums and local authorities.

The ideas that motivate her personal practice and to some extent her community/socially engaged work centre around questions of 'belonging', and an interest in the ways that political, historical and social contexts can be explored and expressed through visual art and creative writing. Textiles, their origins, structures, uses and possibilities are at the heart of her work and her writing. Her work is always determined by the specifics of each situation or set of circumstances. She studied Fine Art (Critical Fine Art Practice) at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design.


'A map can tell me how to find a place I have not seen but have often imagined. When I get there, following the map faithfully, the place is not the place of my imagination. Maps growing ever more real are much less true. ...Fold up the maps and put away the globe. If someone else has charted it, let them. Start another drawing with whales at the bottom and cormorants at the top, and in between, identify, if you can, the places you have not found yet on those other maps, the connections obvious only to you.'

J. Winterson, Sexing The Cherry, 1996